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Things To Try In July

Summer is in full bloom, with long days and short nights finally here to stay for a while. We, at ASA Books hope you're getting out and enjoying the fresh air and open spaces. This month, we want to remind you of the obvious and not so obvious things you can still do in and around your neighborhoods. From farmers' markets to beach picnics and berry picking, it's time to get out and try new and interesting things. Besides, we've waited all year for this moment right here!

ASA Books July Reading List

1. When The Sun Comes Up, by Solonge Robinson, Illustrated by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner

2. I See Summer, by Charles Ghigna

3. 7 Days Till Ice Cream, by Bernardo Feliciano

4. Island Born, by Junot Diaz

5. Summer Sun Risin, by W. Nikola-Lisa

ASA Books July Activity List

(1) Reading Under The Stars: Take your nightly readings with the kids outdoors. Spread a blanket out in your backyard, front porch, or patio all while in the comfort of your pajamas. Grab a snack and let the little ones pick the book of their choice. It will surely bring a smile to everyone's face (and brain). (2) Tis The Season For Berry Picking: Strawberries may be out, but blueberries and raspberries are in. Find a local U-pick berry farm in or around your city. A day trip to the farm could be just what you and your family are missing. Don't forget to try a new flavor pie while you're there. (3) Chalk Up Some Fun: For just 99 cents you can grab a bucket of chalk at your local dollar tree and create magic. From hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, or a mural… have the kids get creative in the driveway or sidewalk right outside your home. (4) Ball Up A Splash: When water balloons and a whiffle ball baseball bat meet, you are in for a cool, wet treat. Pick a hot day and have the best time of your life playing water-balloon baseball.


(5) Find Peace With A Puzzle. What an amazing time to grab a puzzle and escape with the kids. Visit for the perfect book and puzzle bundle set.

Get Out & Explore The Top 10 1. Click HERE to check out the 10 Best Farmers Markets in the United States. Have you been to one yet? 2. Click HERE to check out the 10 beaches in the United States. Put some of these on your to do list! 3. Click HERE to check out 21 most delicious homemade ice-cream recipes. You MUST try one and let us know.

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