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About Us

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- Solonge L.  Robinson,  Author -

Solonge L. Robinson is a wife,  a mother, and a creative soul, who always enjoyed writing as a way of self expression and spent years in her youth journaling about her world  travels with vision for something bigger.  Solonge's love of writing evolved after the birth of her children where she quickly discovered reading bedtime stories each night was a magical adventure.


In 2018, after a tragic fire that destroyed all of her family's possessions, including their books,   Solonge committed to restoring her children's collection starting with,  When the Sun Comes Up and the Moon Goes Down. The  debut book started out as a short, fun lullaby that was sung each night. Over time, it blossomed into content for their debut book. 

​Solonge is thankful for the people, places and things that continue to inspire her, but is most grateful for her two rays of sunshine, Elijah and Nylah and biggest source of light and love, her husband, Don Robinson.

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-  Aquabah Gonney-Buckner, Illustrator - 

Aquabah Gonney-Buckner, a true indie artist, began drawing and creating as a child. While in college at Delaware State University, she was inspired by her first Art Professor, Lori Crawford, to minor in General Art and continue pushing her boundaries as an artist. Over the years, Aquabah has incorporated her love of art exploration in all areas of her life using her typical medium, oil on canvas.


Using art as a vehicle for expression has always been a part of Aquabah’ s curriculum of change.​ As a former Assistant Principal and Principal in Chicago, IL, and current consultant with the Academy of Urban School Leadership (AUSL) network in Chicago,   Aquabah continues to use art as a way to teach the importance of art integration into public schools. Today, Aquabah enjoys traveling the world with her loving and supportive husband, Preston, gathering influences from different cultures to bring back to those she loves, including her son and daughter. 

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