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Let's Keep Our Children Reading: The ASA Books Reading Adventure

Over the past few weeks, schools across the United States and abroad have closed their doors as our country and world battle the COVID-19 pandemic. School closures have not only disrupted the day-to-day function of administrators and parents, but they've had a huge effect on our children and the routine they experience being in school 5 days a week. Our job, as parents, family and community members is to help maintain as much normalcy during this period as we possible can.

In public, private and charter school settings, reading is a large component of our children's academic school day. Let's do our part in keeping that consistency. During this time away from the classroom, our children can still embark on a daily adventure in reading new books. What a perfect time this is to go on a reading adventure!

The ASA Books Challenge:

We, at ASA books, challenge your child to read at least 2 new books a day. Start by going on a treasure hunt throughout your house and find books that you've not read and add it to your list. If you run out of books at home, your local public library should have an online check-out option for you and your children to take out e-books or audio books. No matter what happens over the next few weeks and months, lets make a commitment

to our kids and keep them reading.

Till Next Time,

Happy Living and Learning

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