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Happy Holidays From ASA Books: December 2021

It's Still A December To Remember

…And just like that, we are in the 12th month of the year, this time around with only hours left to spare. There's still a bit more time left for a little housekeeping and tidying up. And I don't just mean your actual house.

Take these next few hours of 2020 to think back at all you've overcome, all you've lost, but yet and still, all you've gained and let out a great, big sigh of relief. The breath you take will be in thanks... thankful and grateful for all you have and all that is to come. Life's lessons come in many different forms and 2020 has been a great teacher to us all.

So what do you do in these next few final hours? For one, you can take a last peek at the ASA Books final reading and activity list for 2020. If there's something that interests you, try it. If it's a book or activity you've wanted to get or read to the little ones, get it, read it, do it. 2020 still is filled with opportunities for us to do good and be great. It's just the pre-cursor for 2021, which will undoubtedly be our best year yet.

So, from the ASA Books team, we wish you the happiest of holidays. We hope your Hanukkah was peaceful, your Christmas merry, and that you are learning and following the ever-present principals of Kwanzaa.... all to gear up for a great new year, in whatever culture you celebrate in.

Peace and Blessings!

ASA Books December Reading List:

  1. Shaping Families, by Solonge Robinson

  2. When The Sun Comes Up And The Moon Goes Down, by Solonge Robinson, Illustrated by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner

  3. My First Kwanzaa Book, by Deborah Chocolate

  4. I Got the Christmas Spirit, by Connie Schofield-Morrison

  5. Stethoscope Dreams, by Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald

  6. Little Blue Truck Christmas, by Cathryn Falwell

African American Author Feature ASA Books Salute's Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald author of Stethoscope Dreams, for sharing her gift (this book) to the world. Dr. McDonald has created yet another masterpiece. Check out her book exert and amazon review below: "Looking out the window to the city as it gleams, even though I'm wide awake, I'm having Stethoscope Dreams..." This is the story of Journei, a little girl from the inner city who desires to be a physician. She learns about all of the organ systems and dreams of one day healing the world. Go with her as she takes us on a lyrical journey of believing in herself. ASA Books: Author Opinion: Stethoscope Dreams is exactly the uplifting and real-life storyline that all children, specifically children of color need to read. Along with beautiful illustrations, this story flows gently, yet strong and will instantly become a staple in your home and school library. The Kids Corner: Thoughts From Elijah Robinson, ASA Books Reviewer (Grade 1:) Question: What does Christmas mean to you? Answer: "Christmas means a lot of joy and happiness and presents. But for some people that don’t get a lot for Christmas, it’s okay because the most important thing is doing good work in school and spending time with your family”.

Be On The Look Out For New, Upcoming Books in 2021

By ASA Books

1. When The Moon Comes Up And The Sun Goes Down (THE SEQUAL), by Solonge Robinson, Illustrated by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner.

2. Don't Run From The Sun, by Solonge Robinson, Illustrated by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner

Until Next Time,

Happy Reading and Learning

The ASA Books Team

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