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Back To School With ASA Books: August 2021

No doubt, it's been a wonderful and adventurous summer. We hope these past few months you've been able to learn and grow through play, creating memories that will last a lifetime. This August, many students are heading back to school. Whether in person or virtual, we at ASA Books, wish all students, teachers, principals, administration and, support staff a great start to the new school year.

The ASA Books Team believes in year-round reading, even during the last few days of summer break. So, before school gets into session, try and squeeze in one or all of our recommended books this month. We hope you enjoy it!

ASA BOOKS AUGUST READING LIST 1. When The Sun Comes Up, by Solonge Robinson Illustrated By Aquabah Gonney-Buckner. Check out our Book and Puzzle Bundle Set, Available at 2. Back to School with Covid-19: Keeping Safe while in School, by Amakuma Nyaku 3. Our Class is a Family, by Shannon Olsen 4. How to Get Your Teacher Ready, by Jean Reagan 5. It's Back to School We Go!: First Day Stories From Around the World, by Ellen Jackson *** Updates regarding new works from ASA Books*** We've made a switch-a-roo. When The Moon Comes Up, is still set for a fall 2021 release, which we are so very proud about. Don't Run From The Sun is now prepped for a Spring 2022 release, which we can't wait to debut. ASA Books has so much in store, we can hardly wait to share with you!


August has so many national holidays; some we know about, others we don't. We picked 5 we'd thought you'd love to try. So, this month, we hope you can join us in celebrating some of these fun, interesting days.

1. August 19th: National Potato Day. On this day, celebrate with homemade French Fries or potato fritters.

2. August 20th: National Bacon Lovers Day. Who doesn't love bacon? We hope on this day, you seek out a good breakfast meal and order extra, thick-cut bacon or add bacon to your bacon burger dog.

3. Aug. 24: National Waffle Day. Get the kids up early before school and if you have a waffle maker, start the day celebrating national waffle day. If not, I'm sure they'll have this breakfast option at school or work :).

4. Aug. 26: National Dog Day. On this day, be sure to give your (or your neighbors) pooch an extra special hello and doggie delicious treat.

5. Aug. 30: National Toasted Marshmallow Day. We're sure the kids will love this day. Go to the grocery store and grab a bag of delicious marshmallows. Roast them over the fire or your stove and cheers to the last few days of summer break.

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