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ASA Books Celebrates OUR History

This month, in all of its uniqueness and necessity, is yet and still just another opportunity for folk, from all walks of life, to the pause for the recognize just how amazing black people, black culture and black art is in all the spaces that we occupy.

ASA BOOKS is one of many entities that pride ourselves in being a black-owned, women-owned company. Our purpose is to create beautiful work for children... in the form of self published books that teach literacy through themed based storytelling and engaging art.

We work in a space of gratitude... being grateful for the opportunity to create art, when not so long ago it was against the law to do so. So, this month, we celebrate the artist in us and the artist in you. Artist of the past, present, and future, of all kinds. Whether a writer, illustrator, actor, dancer, poet (shout out to Amanda Gorman), singer, song writer, graphic designer....we celebrate your freedom to be, to exist and to share your gifts with us all.

Your February reading list is here, filled with a great selection. We hope you and the kids enjoy!

Black Heroes: A Black History Book for Kids, by Arlisha Norwood

  1. Black Women in Science, by PhD Kimberly Brown Pellum

  2. I Am Enough, by Grace Byers

  3. African American Inventors and their Inventions A-Z, by Anita C. President Ed.D

  4. Bedtime Inspirational Stories 2, by L. A. Amber

Books, by ASA Books

1. When The Sun Comes Up

2. Shaping Families

3. Shaping Your Brain, Supplemental Work Book

4. Don’t Run From The Sun (Coming This Summer)

5. When The Moon Comes Up (Coming This Fall)

African American Artist Feature

Amanda Gorman, Change Sings

On January 20, 2021, many witnessed Amanda Gorman for the very first time as she eloquently delivered the inaugural poem at just 22 years old. As the youngest inaugural poet in United States history, the world was inspired by this amazing black woman. She is a testament, not just to young black girls and boys, but to all of us.. that if we stay focused on that "thing" that calls us, we too will have the opportunity to live powerfully and peacefully in our truth, and when opportunities like the inaugural ball come to fruition ,we are ready to answer the call. ASA Books salutes Miss Gorman on a job well done!

Change Sings, a children's anthem, is available for pre-order now. Visit to learn more about this brilliant artist and activist.

Get Connected. Stay Connected.

Check Out Puzzles of Color.

ASA Books is thrilled to be in partnership with Puzzles of Color, a black-owned family business run by brother-sister duo William and Ericka. They create frameable pieces of art created by artists of color. It is a must see!

The beautiful sunrise image created by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner, in our debut book When The Sun Comes Up is now available in a 60-piece, 8x10in puzzle. If you're looking for an engaging and fun activity for you and your family, this is the perfect fit! Click Here to pre-order your copy today.

If you've not yet checked them out, wait no further. Visit Puzzles of Color at

February Activities For You To Try

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Thank you for joining in on our adventure.

Until next time, happy readying and learning!

The ASA Books Team

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