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ASA Books August Reading & Activity List

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hopefully, your summer is going well and you’ve found a way to safely get out and enjoy the beautiful warm weather and bright sunny skies. We hope you and the kids are taking advantage of a slower pace and have found time to indulge in a good book too. ASA Books has selected five awesome children’s books for you to consider this month. Books on this month’s list showcase amazing illustrations, ones that bring vibrancy and light to young readers.

This month we spread gratefulness and appreciation to all the amazing illustrators of the world, thankful for their gift of bringing words to life. Featured this month is our very own Aquabah Gonney-Buckner, Principal of Leslie Lewis Elementary School in Chicago, IL, and Illustrator of ASA Books debut children’s book, When The Sun Comes Up And The Moon Goes Down That’s The Start Of Our Day.

Aquabah has shared a few words on what being an illustrator means to her:

"It’s a love of art to be an illustrator. It is a love of the craft. There is a craft to this that is undeniable. There is a passion in understanding visual art and how it can impact the soul”. I love being an illustrator. It is who I am at my core.”

Below are five awesome books with amazing, original illustrations!


ASA Books August Reading List:

  1. When The Sun Comes Up And The Moon Goes Down That’s The Start Of Our Day by Solonge Robinson, Illustrated by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner

  2. One World, Many Colors by Ben Lerwill, Illustrated by Alette Straathof

  3. The Cool Bean, by Jory John, Illustrated by Pete Oswald

  4. The Change Your Name Store by Leanne Shirtliffe, Illustrated by Tina Kugler

  5. All Are Welcome, by Alexandra Penfold, Illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman

ASA Books August Activity List

  • A Sunrise Surprise: Gather the kids one day this week, early morning, for a sunrise art project. Set your alarm for around 5:30 am. Grab some paper, pens, pencils, markers, or crayons and sit outside or by a window ready to capture the beauty seen during early morning sunrise. Be sure to point out the many different colors in the sky as well as the trees, the birds, and the way the sun is positioned. Even capture your neighbors walking the dog during their early morning stroll. Capture it all! Then, when your piece is complete, go to your local dollar store and grab a few picture frames to display their artwork around the house; a reminder to everyone of the beauty of a sunrise surprise. Make it an art series by planning to do this several days a week.

  • A Pop Of Color For Your Planters: If you have house or garden plants that are in pots that may need a little sprucing up, consider having the kids add a pop of color. All you need is a glue gun and a pack of decorative gems, either mono-colored or mixed. On a sunny afternoon, transform your boring, old clay pot or planter into a bright, decorative art piece. Choose to cover the entire pot with these gorgeous gems or simply a few using an easy design pattern of your choice.

Be On The Look Out For New, Upcoming Books By ASA Books This Fall & Winter

  • When The Sun Goes Down And The Moon Comes Up, That’s The Start Of Our Night, By Solonge Robinson, Illustrated by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner

  • Shaping Families, By Solonge Robinson

Until Next Time,

Happy Reading and Learning,

The ASA Books Team

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