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A December To Remember

ASA Books: December 2020 Reading & Activity List

And just like that, we are in the 12th month of the year. While this year seemed long and never-ending, it also feels like it flew by. As the shock wears off, let this December be our chance to reflect on what we are grateful for and how we can end this most interesting year in the best of spirits.

Astrology tells us twelve is the number of completion. Like you, we at ASA Books are thankful for the opportunity of completing our goal of becoming newly self-published authors and illustrators. With When the Sun Comes Up and Shaping Families both released this year, it is a reminder and testament that dreams do come true, even in the most challenging of times. We want to take this time to thank YOU for your commitment to journeying with us and want to ensure we use these last few days of the year being of service.

Check out our final reading and activity list for 2020. We hope you enjoy it.


ASA Books December Reading List:

  1. Shaping Families, by Solonge Robinsin

  2. When The Sun Comes Up And The Moon Goes Down, by Solonge Robinson, Illustrated by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner

  3. I Got the Christmas Spirit, by Connie Schofield-Morrison

  4. Stethoscope Dreams, by Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald

  5. Little Blue Truck Christmas, by Cathryn Falwell


African American Author Feature

ASA Books Salute's Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald author of Stethoscope Dreams, for sharing her gift (this book) to the world. Dr. McDonald has created yet another masterpiece. Check out her book exert and amazon review below:

"Looking out the window to the city as it gleams, even though I'm wide awake, I'm having Stethoscope Dreams..." This is the story of Journei, a little girl from the inner city who desires to be a physician. She learns about all of the organ systems and dreams of one day healing the world. Go with her as she takes us on a lyrical journey of believing in herself.

ASA Books: Author Opinion: Stethoscope Dreams is exactly the uplifting and real-life storyline that all children, specifically children of color need to read. Along with beautiful illustrations, this story flows gently, yet strong and will instantly become a staple in your home and school library.

The Kids Corner: Thoughts From Elijah Robinson,

ASA Books Reviewer (Grade 1:)

Question: What does Christmas mean to you?

Answer: "Christmas means a lot of joy and happiness and presents. But for some people that don’t get a lot for Christmas, it’s okay because the most important thing is doing good work in school and spending time with your family”.


The Season That Keeps On Giving:

ASA Books December Activity List

Here Are Five Super Cool & Easy Activities To Try This Holiday. 12 Days Of Thanks In A Jar: In the days leading to Christmas, grab a jar, pieces of ripped-up paper, and a pencil. Every day, gather yourself and the family and write one thing you were thankful for on that day. Then, on Christmas day, before or after you’ve opened your presents, take time and be reminded of all the things you are thankful for.

Strawberry Santa’s Anyone? Need a quick and easy weekend snack/activity for the kids? Look no further. All you need is a bushel of strawberries and some vanilla frosting or whip cream. First, cut the strawberry into two parts; the bottom of the strawberry slightly larger than the top half. Next, take a scoop of icing or whip cream and place it on top of the bottom half. Next, take the top half of the strawberry and place it on the whip cream icing filling. Then, you add a dot of cream filling to the very top of the top half (to make Santa’s hat). Lastly, add either two small pieces of chocolate sprinkles (as the eyes) or two dots of dark food coloring. And there you have it… a delicious Santa snack for all to enjoy.

Center Your Chocolate Kisses: Here’s another fun activity; cute and quirky centerpieces for the dinner table. You’ll need a small bag of Hersey Kisses, holiday wrapping, or scrapbook paper, preferably different types in the same color spectrum, toothpicks, and tape. First, have the kids cut triangles out of the paper. Next, tape a toothpick to the back of the paper. Lastly, stick the toothpick in the top of the Hershey Kiss and walla… fun and cute chocolate centerpieces. They are both fun and delicious 😊

The Appreciation Alphabet: We included this for thanksgiving and decided to roll it over for Christmas as well. If you were not able to get through the entire alphabet then, you have time to try again now. Take a day over the next few weeks, after a Sunday meal or on Christmas eve and go around the table and share what you are appreciative of this year. Each person gets a letter, starting with A. Your word should start with the letter of the alphabet you land on. This game will be fun, reflective, and memorable.

Ornaments That Pop: Do you have extra popsicle sticks lying around the house? Then you’re in luck. Grab a few, along with some crayons and markers, glitter, cotton balls, modge podge, or a hot glue gun. Start with decorating each stick. You can create a cool color pattern, make it all the colors of the rainbow or mono-colored. Next, play the gambit with design styles. From snowflakes to Christmas trees, to polygon shapes galore, let your creative juices flow as you bring to life the most fun and creative ornaments your tree will see this year and years to come.


Have you checked out Puzzles of Color yet? They are a black-owned family business run by brother-sister duo William and Ericka. Puzzles of Color create frameable pieces of art created by artists of color. Click the link above to learn more about this amazing company and the artist behind the art.

ASA Books is a proud supporter and future collaborator. Stay tuned.


Be On The Look Out For New, Upcoming Books in 2021

By ASA Books

1. When The Moon Comes Up And The Sun Goes Down (THE SEQUAL), by Solonge Robinson, Illustrated by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner.

2. Don't Run From The Sun, by Solonge Robinson, Illustrated by Aquabah Gonney-Buckner


Until Next Time,

Happy Reading and Learning

The ASA Books Team

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