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Puzzles of Color - book and puzzle pic.j

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Book & Puzzle Bundle

An ASA Books & Puzzles of Color Collaboration  

outdoor adventure cover1-REdone June 202

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Outdoor Adventure Coloring Book 

When The Moon Comes Up COVER JPEG .jpg

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When The Moon Comes Up 

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Don't Run From The Sun



WhenTheSun_Cover  - Final 1-20-20 Front

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When The Sun Comes Up And The Moon Goes Down

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       Shaping Families         A Picture Book About Shapes & Families

Shaping Your Brain Cover Pic.jpg

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Shaping Your Brain: Supplemental Workbook


What a fun read for me and my son.  The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and the story has a  wonderfully great message.  This will be a book that stays in our collection. 

My children absolutely loved the story. They were engaged from start to finish and as a parent, I appreciated the questions  vocabulary words and word search; what a bonus. We can't wait to read the sequel. 

This was an all around great book. Well thought out and designed to perfection. It's nice to see an idea come to life in the manner in which it did!  So proud of you!

Dr. Brittany Herbert,  LSCW, Ed.D

Cynthia McReed, Retired 1st Grade Teacher

Donald Robinson, Proud Husband and Dad


What Does ASA Stand For? 

Yoruba Eye Symbol.jpg

ASA Books, LLC is the manifestation of two women who allowed themselves the space to share their gift of writing and illustration. 


Solonge Robinson and Aquabah Gonney-Buckner joined forces to create children's books that entertain through engaging artwork while teaching meaningful and fun content. ASA Books are written and designed with not only the child in mind but their parent or guardian to nurture curious and growing minds. 


ASA is an acronym using the first letter in their names: Angeline/Solonge/Aquabah with their grandmother being the first letter to their trio.  ASA, means beautiful in  Igbo Nigerian language,  morning in Japanese, and hawk in Yoruba. 

What (or Who) Is The Source of Inspiration? 


Angeline O’Neil, their grandmother, and matriarch of the O’Neil family planted the seed for these women over three decades ago. Ms. O'Neil was a retired New York City Public School Para-Professional of over 30 years, whose love of reading and teaching the importance of “getting a good education” has transcended generations.  Ms. O’Neil raised five children with her late husband Irvin O’Neil, all of whom have gone on to become masters and thought leaders in the fields of Education, Nursing, Social Work, and Electrical Engineering. It was reading and knowing the value of education that served as the pillar and compass in the O’Neil family and continues to be a benchmark for success. ASA Books, LLC is a nod to the family from which it was inspired and seeks to be an inspiration to the generations that will come after. 

ASA Books On The Move....

Book Press - stacked books.jpg

Solonge and Aquabah are still flying high off of Don't Run From The Sun's winning Illustrator Of The Year in 2023. Their sights are set high in 2024 as they focus on their next adventures. As always, they will keep steadfast toward the goal of creating something beautiful in this world for kids and ASA means beautiful!


Click HERE if you are interested in learning about upcoming book releases, setting up a reading, partnership opportunities, or simply want to leave a comment. 

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The ASA Books Team 

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